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Sustainable Logistics Roadmap Assessment Tool

By the end of the course participants will understand how mature their organization is in implementing and developing their Sustainable Logistics Roadmap. The tool helps you to assess your own roadmap in 4 steps in line with Smart Freight Leadership:
- Where are we now – report emissions
- Where are we going – set targets
- How do we get there – solutions to reduce emissions
- What do we need – collaborate and advocate

The general concepts of reporting emissions, setting emission reduction targets, reducing emissions, and collaborating across the sector may be simple. However, it is not always easy to implement these Smart Freight Leadership elements, and each company will have a different SLR based on the company’s specific needs, constraints, and opportunities.

This reality, that it can be difficult to implement an SLR while still meeting customer needs and managing costs, can leave some corporate procurement, sustainability, and other managers wondering, “Am I doing the right thing to reduce logistics emissions for my company?”

The Sustainable Logistics Roadmap Assessment Tool was developed to help answer this question. The tool is a resource for companies to use in monitoring their progress on the path to Smart Freight Leadership and the maturity of their SLR. Specifically, the tool provides you with a score on your sustainable logistics maturity levels – starting, learning, achieving, and leading – for each of the four Smart Freight Leadership elements.
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